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Why Psychotherapy?

You may wish to seek psychotherapy at times of struggle, feeling stuck, lost or sad. Maybe you want to gain insight into yourself, your feelings and your relationships. Often difficulties in the present can trigger unresolved experiences in the past that we are not always aware or conscious of. 

Psychotherapy is not a magic quick fix for psychological suffering. Many of what are deemed as negative emotions such as anxiety or fear are part of our evolutionary design and are usually there to tell us that something needs closer consideration or attention. Sometimes this can build up when it isn’t given enough attention or avoided. Together with your psychotherapist, you can look at any ways of being or coping strategies that may no longer be serving you in your avoidance.

Psychotherapy can be a daunting prospect initially but I believe that in providing the right conditions, one can gently start to bring some of the burden from the shadow into the light. This can help clients that are living in isolation or denial feel more whole or less split and hopefully therefore more accepting of themselves.

What will the first session be like?

We will begin with an assessment session which will be up to fifty minutes in length. This offers you the opportunity to discuss your reasons for coming and the outcome you seek.


It is a chance for you as the client to see how I work and also for me to see if I am best suited to work with you you. If I think you could possibly benefit more from a different form of therapy then I would refer you to someone who is able to offer that.

Long term or short term therapy?

We can discuss this at assessment but it will really depend on what you are hoping to explore. Short term work is usually 6-12 sessions and focused on a specific issue. Long term is anything over 12 and involves a deeper dive of exploration.

Long term work will be reviewed every six sessions initially. These reviews are for you as the client and me as the therapist to choose whether the working relationship is the right fit. There is no commitment beyond what you want to do or what feels useful.

Are the sessions confidential?

Everything discussed in the therapy will be treated with complete confidentiality. Your privacy will be respected. However, there are some limitations to this. Under exceptional circumstances, such as serious concern for your safety or the safety of others, I may be required to break confidentiality in order to inform the relevant authorities such as your GP or if I am required to do so by law. I would endeavour to first discuss this with you where possible. Therapeutic material is also shared in clinical supervision to ensure an ethical and high-quality service is provided and maintained.

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